• During the conference, Endospan’s team demonstrated the product to doctors and distributors.

    In addition, Dr. Mario Lachat presented the Nexus product during the panel Latest techniques for endovascular repair of aortic aneurysms and dissections in the thoracic aorta and the arch.

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  • The premier international conference for innovations in cardiovascular system (Heart Brain and Peripheral Vessels) and high-tech science industry.

    During the conference, DR. DAVID PLANER Interventional Cardiologist, Director, Center for Endovascular Interventions Heart Institute Hadassah - Hebrew University Medical Center Jerusalem, Israel, presented the company product.

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  • Endospan's team will attend the LINC, between January 26 - January 28, 2016, in Leipzig, Germany. 

    "hands-on" demonstration session of both the NexusTM (Off-the-Shelf Endovascular Repair for the Aortic Arch) and HorizonTM (Single Sided, 14Fr. Endovascular Repair for the AAA) systems will be held on Tuesday, January 26th 2016, Room A08, 08:00-12:30

    Endospan management and Proctoring physicians will be available for one-on-one meetings for potentially interested investigating clinical sites and Compassionate-use sites.

    To coordinate a one-on-one meeting, or participate in the "hands-on" demo session, kindly contact Mrs. Simona Beilin-Nissan, Clinical & Regulatory Manager, at simona@endospan.com.

    Prof. Dr. Mario Lachat, MD, of USZ will be presenting initial clinical results of the Nexus on Friday, January 29th, at 09:47 - 09:54, in Room 1- Main Arena 1, "Nexus aortic arch stent-graft system: early results of the on-going studies".

  • Chinese second largest medical corporation, Xizang Haisco Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd, invests $10M as part of an additional funding round to Endospan (including funding from current stockholders: Accelmed and Sequoia Capital Israel).

    Haisco Corporation is recognized in the Chinese market, with annual sales of approximately $800M, and market value of $4 Billion. Haisco Pharmaceutical received exclusive distribution rights for Endospans' products in China.

    According to estimations, Endospan is expected to continue the funding round with a subsequent closing.

    Endospan CEO, Alon Shalev states: "The current round is intended to jump-start our readiness to enter the commercial phase in Europe with the Horizon AAA stent graft, and enable further clinical development of the Nexus product in Europe, China and North America. The joining of Haisco as a partner of Endospan opens the door for the accessibility of the company's products to the Chinese market."

  • Endospan conducted its 1st US hands-on training session for investigators from the US and Canada, as a preparatory step for the planed Pilot IDE study, which will be applied for, later this year. This planned study would follow initial experimental clinical work using this therapy, in the EU and in Canada.
    The event was hosted by Ross Milner, MD, Professor of Surgery and Director, Center for Aortic Diseases, from the University of Chicago Medicine. A key speaker and proctor in this event was Mario Lachat, MD, Professor of vascular and cardiac surgery, from the Zurich University Hospital, Switzerland.

  • Endospan completed enrolling the 30th patient in the Pivotal EU study of the Horizon™, infra-renal AAA endograft system. This open-label, non-randomized study, was conducted in Modena (IT), Reggio-Emilia (IT), Turin (IT), Zurich (CH), Belgrade (RS) and Eindhoven (NL). Technical success rate, at 1 month follow-up, was 100%, with no cases of device migration, or of endoleaks type 1 or 3, and sac thrombosis was rapid, following the placement of the Horizon™. The first patient enrolled in this study was treated on April 2014 in Eindhoven, by Prof Marc Van Sambeek.
    This Pivotal EU study follows the Feasibility, First in Human, study of the system, which took place during H2 '14 and H1 '13, in Dusseldorf (DE), Zurich (CH) and Modena (IT).
    Patients from the Pilot EU study are being followed-up for their aneurysm sac dimensions for two years, while patients enrolled in the EU Pivotal study, for five years.