• Endospan transforms the treatment of aneurysms, dissections and other aortic lesions from high-risk, open- surgery to faster, simpler and less invasive procedures and from conventional, double-sided endovascular procedures, to lower invasiveness, percutaneous, single sided interventions. Our strategic goal is to provide highly differentiated aortic endografts that address major underserved clinical needs and patients' subgroups.

    Endospan was founded in 2009, based in Herzlyia, Israel and is comprises of approximately 30 full-time employees. Endospan possesses comprehensive in-house manufacturing & testing facilities and is ISO 13485:2012 accredited.  

    The company brings together a seasoned team of researchers, engineers and executives in the MedTech field. Backed by leading global venture groups, Endospan intends to become a meaningful player in the endovascular aortic repair space.

    The Endospan System feature groundbreaking proprietary geometrical configurations and are built in a modular fashion, opening up options for repairing aneurysms and dissections in patients with anatomy previously unsuitable for endovascular therapy. The novel design philosophy of Endospan’s systems presents a true advancement when compared to traditional EVAR/TEVAR systems, enhancing endografts with gold-standard material durability, intra-procedural stability, and a shorter, simpler and less invasive procedure.

    Our cornerstone product, the HORIZON™, brings forth a novel approach for treating AAA, using a true 14Fr OD, single-sided access bottom-up stent graft system with dual fixation. This approach facilitates long-term stability, ease of use and potentially superior outcomes. HORIZON™ has recently completed its EU Pivotal clinical study and is poised to offer treatment to patients who are not currently candidates for the two-sided EVAR solutions in the market because of vascular anatomy issues and/or an occluded external iliac artery.   

    NEXUS™ is Endospan’s unique platform for treatment of aortic arch related pathologies - aneurysms and dissections, and allows complete endovascular reconstruction of the aortic arch. NEXUS TAA procedures are carried out using a 20Fr (true OD) system, making it ideal for patients otherwise indicated for a highly invasive open chest, on-pump procedure.

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