New Standard of Care for Aortic Arch Disease

including Aneurysms and Dissections Is Now Possible with NEXUS™

NEXUS™ Stent Graft System is designed to transform treatment of life-threatening Aortic Arch Disease from high-risk open surgery into a minimally invasive procedure.

SIGNIFICANT UNMET CLINICAL NEED FOR TREATING AORTIC ARCH DISEASE. Aortic Arch Disease includes (1) aortic aneurysms and (2) aortic dissections, which occur suddenly and usually without warning with symptoms of severe chest pain, loss of consciousness and paralysis similar to a stroke. Unfortunately, many Aortic Arch aneurysms and dissections are either not diagnosed or misdiagnosed in emergency situations.120,000 patients suffer thoracic aortic arch disease annually in the US and Europe, but only 25% are diagnosed or treated.

STATE-OF-THE-ART ENDOVASCULAR REPAIR TECHNOLOGY. NEXUS™ transforms a complex surgical aortic arch repair into a standard endovascular procedure. NEXUS™ is designed for enhanced intra-procedural and long-term stability attributable to its proprietary geometrical design, which reduces arch manipulation and, hence, stroke risks. NEXUS™ also is designed to reduce complications and post-op recovery time. Above all, NEXUS™ is designed to be beneficial to the vast number of patients for whom there is currently no minimally invasive Aortic Arch Disease treatment alternative.


NEXUS™ IS INDICATED FOR ALL AORTIC ARCH PATHOLOGIES. The NEXUS™ Stent Graft System is the first endovascular system to treat Aortic Arch Disease: a greatly underserved group of patients diagnosed with a dilative lesion in, or near, the aortic arch. While minimally invasive endovascular repair has been the standard of care for Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm (AAA), Aortic Arch Disease patients with aneurysms or dissections have not been as fortunate and have had little choice but to undergo open-chest surgery with its invasiveness and risks, lengthy hospitalization periods, and prolonged recuperation.

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The NEXUS™ Stent Graft System (above, left) is the first off-the-shelf, branched endovascular repair system to treat Aortic Arch Disease.

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What the Experts Are Saying About NEXUS™


“An endovascular approach to widen or repair narrowed arteries in the aortic arch would be a significant medical advance.”

Ross Milner, MD, Director, Center for Aortic Diseases; University of Chicago Medicine

“NEXUS gives vascular surgeons a minimally invasive alternative to offer patients compared with open heart surgery to repair their life threatening aortic arch disease.”

Thomas Lindsay, MD, Chief, Vascular Surgery; Toronto General Hospital

“(NEXUS) we have complete control of delivery of the main component. There's no manipulation of aortic branches; there's a minimal risk of stroke.”

Andrew Holden, MD, Associate Professor of Radiology, Auckland (NZ) University School of Medicine

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