CE marked for branched endovascular repair

March 2019

Aortic arch stent graft with integrated BCT branch maximizes available length of seal and prevents possibility of branch separation

Precurved ascending stent graft for effective graft-to-vessel alignment and atraumatic apposition and seal, while reducing pressure on outer curvature of ascending aorta

Proprietary “dock and lock” system prevents migration or separation and provides consistent module overlap and radial force

Once locked, dual stable anatomical anchoring points provide long term stability and migration resistance

Modules available for a wide range of ascending, BCA and descending aorta diameters and lengths

A two staged deployment of the NEXUS modules simplifies endovascular aortic arch repair.

Anatomically curved delivery system features fixation tube with through wire for secure, reliable tracking and reduces device manipulation to position and orient the device in the arch

100% procedural success on 25 cases demonstrates ease of use and consistency

Low procedure time at 68 min for device implantation

Providing the alternative of minimally invasive repair decreases the requirement for EC circulation and possibility of
hypothermia, translating into reduced procedure and hospitalization time


Arch Stent Graft

Ascending Stent Graft


NEXUS is the first and only approved off the shelf endovascular aortic arch branch system.

Indicated for a range of aortic pathologies, including arch aneurysms, thoracic dissections,

and PAU, NEXUS is designed to overcome the unique challenges of aortic arch repair.

The NEXUS “Dock and Lock”modular system provides stable anatomical anchoring and atraumatic

sealing in a wide range of anatomies.


Finally surgeons have a straightforward, minimally invasive solution for aortic arch repair that allows

for procedural consistency and reliability.


NEXUS™ enables low and predictable procedure time, eliminates need for hypothermic circulatory arrest for lower hospitalization and related costs, and delivers outcomes comparable to open surgery.


Distal Extension

Delivery System

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