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About Endospan

Endospan transforms the treatment of aneurysms, dissections and aortic lesions from high-risk, open- surgery to faster, simpler and less invasive procedures, making it the solution of choice for treating patients who otherwise would have limited treatment options, if any.
Our strategic goal is to provide highly differentiated aortic endografts, to address major underserved clinical needs and patients' subgroups.


  • October 21st, 2015 | Haisco Pharmaceutical Group invests $10M in Endospan

    Chinese second largest medical corporation, Xizang Haisco Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd, invests $10M as part of an additional funding round to Endospan.

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  • January 26 - January 28, 2016 | Endospan at LINC

    Endospan's team will attend the LINC, between January 26 - January 28, 2016, in Leipzig, Germany.

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  • Endospan attended LINC Leipzig, Germany 26-28/1/16

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  • Endospan attended The Houston Aortic Symposium, Houston Texas 3-5/3/16

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  • Endospan attended Veith Symposium, NYC 15-19/11/16

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  • Endospan attended ICI, Israel 4-6/12/16

    The premier international conference for innovations in cardiovascular system (Heart Brain and Peripheral Vessels) and high-tech science industry.

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  • Endospan attended LINC Leipzig, Germany 23-26/1/17

    During the conference, Endospan’s team demonstrated the product to doctors and distributors.

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  • June 18th, 2015 | Nexus™ hands-on training for US Pilot IDE participating sites

    Endospan conducted its 1st US hands-on training session for investigators from the US and Canada, as a preparatory step for the planed Pilot IDE study, which will be applied for, later this year.

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  • April 20, 2015 | Horizon(TM) CE Pivotal Study Enrollment Completion

    Endospan completed enrolling the 30th patient in the Pivotal EU study of the Horizon™, infra-renal AAA endograft system.

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  • Single-Sided AAA Repair


    HORIZON AAA Repair
    The HORIZON AAA repair system can be used in a single-sided approach, generally shortening and simplifying EVAR procedures. It is invaluable in cases of patients for whom a two-side approach is physically impossible because of occlusions, natural anatomical contra-indications and/or other pathology arising from prior surgical intervention.
  • Endovascular Repair for the Aortic Arch


    An aortic stent grafts system with unique modular approach, bringing a first minimally invasive endovascular solution to the underserved market of patients diagnosed with an aneurysm in the ascending aorta or the aortic arch.