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Have you had an aortic arch surgery in the past?


You probably know that you are at risk of needing additional surgeries in the future.


Having a prior aortic arch surgery and/or other risk factors can reduce your treatment options for another aortic arch surgery.

The TRIOMPHE Study is now enrolling patients at sites across the US to investigate the NEXUS® Aortic Arch Stent Graft System. This innovative device is specifically designed for a much less invasive procedure. 

Treatment with nexus®

Learn more about the NEXUS® System treatment experience from Pat, a patient with an aortic dissection,
and his physician, Dr. Adam Beck, a vascular surgeon from the University of Alabama at Birmingham.



The NEXUS Aortic Arch Stent Graft System was specifically engineered for minimally-invasive total arch repair to overcome the challenges of the aortic arch anatomy.

NEXUS is delivered by traveling through your vascular system using fluoroscopic guidance (x-ray pictures), starting with a small incision or needle puncture near your groin (inner thigh). This delivery method is called an endovascular approach. 


NEXUS is designed to make a minimally-invasive repair possible for more patients while reducing the risks of surgery.

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If you've had aortic arch surgery in the past and are in need of another surgery, the TRIOMPHE US IDE Study may be a less painful and invasive option for you. 

To see if the TRIOMPHE US IDE Study could be an option for you, please fill out the form below and a physician will contact you. 

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CAUTION: Investigational Device – Limited by United States law to investigational use. Endospan devices bear the CE marking of conformity.
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